An Urgent Prayer Request For The Believers In Afghanistan!
Shahrokh Afshar
August 18, 2021

Click on the image to watch the video.

The Taliban has a hit-list of known Christians that they are targeting to hunt down and kill. There is now no US Embassy or safe place for believers to take refuge. All the borders to neighboring countries are closed, and no flights are going in and out of the country except private planes. Believers are running into the mountains, looking for places to hide. They are fully reliant on God, their Protector who is the only one that can rescue them.

“Some women said they had no time to buy a burqa to comply with Taliban rules that women should be covered up and accompanied by a male relative when they leave the house.
To Afghanistan’s women, the flowing cloth represents the sudden and devastating loss of rights gained over 20 years — the right to work, study, move and even live-in peace — that they fear will never be regained.” – Source: CNN World

Pray as God exposed Islam in Iran and made her the fastest growing church globally, He would do the same in Afghanistan with less bloodshed and suffering.

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