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About Shah

Shah was born in a Muslim family in Iran, the land of poetry, where storytelling is one of the greatest ways of communication. When Shah was a child, he sat with his mother listening to her stories as she prepared traditional nazri, a Muslim offering. His dad was the light of every gathering because of his wonderful stories and jokes. Shah picked up this art early. As early as the first grade, when a teacher was late to class, Shah was asked to entertain his classmates with his stories until a teacher would take his place.

After becoming a follower of Christ, Shah used his ability to tell stories, to share the Greatest Story of them all to reach Iranian Muslims for Christ. He believes when you combine Christ’s story with a desire to use it for the salvation of other people, you’ll be giving your listeners an extraordinary gift.

Today, as short as young people’s attention span has become along with their lack of knowledge of the Bible, Shah believes storytelling is the most effective way of reaching this generation with the love of God.

Shah Afshar’s work includes the promotion of Christianity, racial harmony, and relationships between people of different faiths. Shah is an outstanding speaker, author, with a great understanding of the Middle Eastern culture. He’s a postmodern commentator, and a television and radio guest. As a Muslim background believer and seminary-trained leader, Shah shares unique insights with humor and wit. His passion is to communicate the relevance of Christ’s message to skeptical generations through his own life stories.


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