13 Dec Shisheh Nama


A few years ago, when I was asked by one of the most popular Iranian Christian satellite TV stations to produce some programs for them, I knew if I ever produced a TV show, it would be something unique. I wanted to produce something different than what most shows were currently doing. And that’s what I did.  I gathered a team, and we came up with a program specifically directed toward the YOUTH OF IRAN.

I wanted a show that dealt with serious everyday issues many young people are experiencing, but in a light-hearted way that would draw laughter.  To accomplish this, I partnered with JFA Studios, a production company led by Joseph Hovsepian that has received numerous secular and Christian awards honoring both its TV shows and full-length movies. shisheh-nama-at-shahzam-factor


Each Shisheh Nama episode begins with a humorous skit that relates to the subject covered in the episode. Unlike most Christian shows, Shisheh Nama is not a talking-head program, but an engaging dialog that invokes a response.


What you will not see on the show is a person standing behind a pulpit with a camera pointed at him. Instead I address topics viewers are thinking about. The show is extremely dynamic. Constantly changing from one scene to another, I strive to keep viewers engaged and interested throughout the whole show.



We have already produced 13 outstanding shows. They have been picked up by three of the most popular Christian satellite stations broadcasting into Iran, and we  believe this is just the beginning. The first show aired November 17, 2016 by Mohabat TV, and was followed by Shabekeh 7, and Sat 7 satellite stations. We hope the show will be picked up by more stations soon.


Will you join me in this growing project?






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