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Islamic Fundamentalism, Sharia Law, Terroism or Social Injustice?

Iran has become the flagship for the Muslim world. Many people don’t realize that what’s known as “Arab Spring” had its genesis in Iran.


This Islamic Republic is one of the world’s leading oil and gas producers. Yet, with a 14.6% unemployment, Iran is one of the most economically depressed nations in the world, and it’s the nations youth and young adults who suffer most.

Among 76 million people, the median age is 27 years old with nearly 25% of Iran’s population 14 years old or younger. To escape the harsh reality too many vulnerable Iranian youth plunge into prostitution, alcoholism, and other addictions.


You won’t see it on the 6 o’clock news, but Iran is a boiling caldron of unrest with young people at the very center, longing for freedom. To quote a popular Iranian blogger on the suffering of their youth: “I can describe it in two words, Hell and hopelessness.”


We believe the only solution to the “Hell and hopelessness” is Jesus Christ.

A vision to reach a nation

TV is the most effective, non-threatening way to make a personal connection with the millions of young people in Iran. It delivers a message of hope and salvation directly into the people’s home!


Authorities monitor many areas of an Iranian’s life. However, no one can control the programs Iranians watch in the privacy of their homes. Using satellite TV as a secret weapon in the battle for Muslims’ souls, our show, Shisheh Nama, can bring this life-changing message to millions in Iran. In farsi, the name means Vitreous, which we chose because transparency is a very rare commodity within the Persian culture.


Over 55 million Iranians have access to satellite TV. At any given time, 3-6 million viewers will be watching our programs. Our satellite footprint reaches the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Shisheh Nama, a Christian themed television show produced by Iranians, has the opportunity to reach all people, Muslim or not, throughout that region.

This is critical

This is NOT going to be another religious TV show that many young people might tune out, but a contemporary, creative, compassionate and humorous show that will make Jesus real and alive to the youth of Iran. Shisheh Nama plans to be a show that will stir up young Iranians into discussing it after they watch it.

Through insightful messages and guest interviews we aim to inspire viewers with hope, forgiveness and ultimately true freedom through faith in Jesus Christ. Iran is open to the Gospel like never before!


As a critical follow up to the show, we’ve established a supportive network of Iranian Christian national who are dedicated mentors for new converts to faith in Christ. Our team is ready and equipped to disciple new believers. Can you imagine? A TV show that can really work in changing peoples lives.

For years, as a former Iranian Muslim, my prayer has been, “Lord, today we Iranians are known as those who export death and terror to the world. I pray a day will come when we will be known as a nation that exports life and peace to the world.”

How can we meet the need?

Support Us

We are a 501(c)3 Non-profit ministry and all donations are tax deductible

We in the West must not forget those that suffer under the bondage of Islam. Will you join our mission and invest in the future of Iran by contributing financially to the development and production of Shisheh Nama? For too long the church has thrown up “her hands” feeling hopeless to help. Here is a real effective way to reach a muslim nation for Christ.


Your gift is critical. Can I count on you to help me bring the love of Jesus Christ to a nation of people starving for hope?

Yours for the salvation of Iran,

Shah Afshar

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