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Shahkrokh “Shah” Afshar is an original. He founded and pastored the first Iranian Christian organization in the United States. Shah has been instrumental in reaching the Muslim world with the gospel. His work as a professor and as a Muslim world mission coordinator for Foursquare Missions International expanded his influence worldwide. As a former Muslim and […]



Dear Friend, What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you thing about Iran?



Shame on You: Rising from the Ashes of Shame to Face Guilt Option 1. Paperback: $11.00 (US orders, shipping included) Option 2. Digital Edition (PDF Format): $5.oo         For orders of 5 or more books, please contact me at shah@shahzamfactor.com. It is May of 1969. Like many other Iranians his age, Shahrokh (Shah) […]

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  • This Church Will Die Out In One Generation…

    “When you die, your epithet will say, ‘He was way ahead of his time, so no one understood him, ” once one of my church elders told me.   With his hand literally on the small of my back ushering me out of his office, the district supervisor said, “Brother, I’m a church planter. I […]

  • When Leaders Are Called Losers

    I don’t like the Vietnam era or anything related to it. I lived in the midst of it, had friends who lost relatives in the war and friends who fought in the war and were never the same.  For that reason, as much as I like war documentaries, I never watch anything about Vietnam, except […]

  • How Do You Disciple An Ex-Muslim?

    An American brother once told me the phrase, “ex-Muslim”, is not politically correct and I should rather use the phrase, “Muslim background believer”, or “MBB”. To which, I replied, “When a man divorces his wife, she becomes an “Ex-wife” and not a, ‘Married background woman’, or an  ‘MBW’. To be clear, I have no problem […]

  • I Don’t Permit A Woman To Teach!

    Recently, after coming back from a mission trip, a friend of mine, a dental school student, wrote the following article.                  Over this last break, I made the executive decision to go on a mission trip to one of the poorest nations in the world. I would love to use prettier adjectives to […]

  • You’re As Much A Missionary As I’m A French Chef.

      “I’m a missionary,” said the pastor I’d just met.   “Which country?” I asked   “Russia!”   “How long have you been a missionary to Russia?”   “About seven years.”   “Where do you live in Russia?”   “I don’t live in Russia! I live in Colorado,” said the man impatiently as if I […]

  • The $5 Sinner’s Prayer

    The other day my wife, Karen, was channel surfing when she came across a very well known preacher who’d just finished his Sunday morning message.   With a perpetual smile on his face, the preacher said something like, “As it is our custom at this church, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to become […]

  • Where Is The Christian Outrage?

    In response to an accidental burning a few Qurans, the whole Muslim nation rises up against the very people who’ve sacrificed their country’s best to liberate Afghanistan forcing the Christian leader of the most powerful country on the face of the earth to apologize to Afghans, but where is the Christian outrage towards the Muslim […]

  • The Appearance Of Evil

    A few years ago, when I worked for a Christian missions organization, I got into trouble for carpooling. Well, not so much for carpooling, but carpooling with a female. This is what happened. Three of us who worked together and lived in the same area decided to start to carpool—two male and one female. It […]

  • Honestly, I’m Only An Evangelist And Not An Apocalyptic Expert!

    The year was 1979. The Islamic revolution was in full swing, the American embassy in Tehran was occupied and the American Christian End Times enthusiasts were printing out books like there was literally no tomorrow. One author, referring to an incident in Abraham’s life, called all Iranians “kidnappers” from day one. Another gleefully printed the […]

  • What Are All These Foreigners Doing In My Country?

    Years ago I was invited to teach a workshop at a large denominational convention. I was given an hour to teach on Islam and Muslim evangelism. However, at the last minute I was told I would be sharing my teaching time with a Native American brother who was going to teach on reaching his nation. […]

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